I push past the door and its hinges creak ever so slightly in resistance. I haul us both over the threshold and inside her room, and as soon as I do, the cockatoo starts chirping loudly and boisterously flapping its colorful wings in excitement.


And the sight of them only makes me want to sprint out of here and go find that bastard, Malone, and choke the living daylight out of his lying, conniving, gambling-addicted ass.

I still can’t believe that motherfucker actually did that to me; that someone I’d considered my friend for the last three hundred and fifty years made a beyond stupid, unbelievably risky, insanely high-stake bet on my wings, inevitably lost, and then went all Casper on me without so much as a fucking explanation or even a generic heads up.


Needless to say, I’m still yet to get an apology from the dumbass. Not that it’d change anything. I’d still happily beat his stupid face to a pulp for getting me in this fucking mess.


More squeaky chirps fill the mostly dark room as the bird grows more and more restless, but its motionless owner shows no sign whatsoever that she can hear it.


I stop at the edge of her bed and lean over slowly, sliding her body off mine and onto the mattress. I jerk the comforter away, the scowl on my face deepening as I realize more and more just how much this feels like baby-sitting.


Only worse.


I’m not getting paid a fucking dime, for one, and the ‘baby’ in question is a twenty-six year old, heavily intoxicated, unconscious woman who should know better than to drink herself stupid.


As soon as I have the entire length of her body on the bed, I step away, ready to leave.


Until I hear her mumble again.


“Screw you, Lenny,” she slurs with a drawl, her voice hoarse and raspy, the anger in the words buffered by the fact that they come out in just a little above a whisper.


But even in the darkness, I see how her face scrunches up, how her nose crinkles in irritation when she says it.


I almost laugh.


Her expression is actually kind of comical. Hell, her entire performance tonight was comical, if I’m being completely honest.


It would have been even funnier if I wasn’t the one stuck with ‘diaper duty’ after all of it.


I can’t help but grumble in annoyance at my situation; at how far I have fallen, at how ludicrous my existence has become in the last few weeks.


Which is why my next actions confuse the hell out of me.



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