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V: Part Two

Oh, my God…


It’s him!


V: hey, stranger  🙂 


It’s only two words, and just a step above a generic ‘hello’, but I’m beyond ecstatic at seeing another message from him, especially after over two weeks of nothing. I realize I’m a lot happier that he’s contacting me than I thought I would be, and probably a lot happier than I should be.

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V: Part One

“Are you sure you’ll be fine by yourself, Tina?” my best friend, Alexis, asks for the millionth time, and I can almost see the apologetic pout on her face.


“Oh my God, Lex, for the last time, yes!” I say into the receiver, sounding as exasperated as I feel. I know she’s trying to be thoughtful and probably feels guilty that I’m at home by myself tonight, but her empathy is starting to sound a lot like pity; something I can honestly do without, especially today.

It’s Valentine’s Day.

It’s also my birthday.

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A New Year’s Eve Kiss: Part One



I see nothing but lights.


There are vibrant, colorful lights everywhere.


There are lights to my left, lights to my right, lights shining from above me in all forms; from electronic billboards and party glow sticks, to disco ball confettis and artificial illuminators, sprinkling and splashing in every direction, bombarding my eyes from every angle imaginable.

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