Eme (pronounced “Emmy”, like the award. Lol) is an unconventional storyteller (and a typical cat-and-dog-loving, animation-obsessed weirdo) who has several sarcastic, upbeat, and severely vulgar imaginary friends who simultaneously piss her off and make her feel normal. She writes about said imaginary friends a lot—mostly because they never seem to shut the hell up.

She’s addicted to Family Guy, American Dad, Korean dramas, Japanime, and Pandora (the online radio site, not the evil box), drinks an ungodly amount of Red Bull at any given time, wants to marry Seth MacFarlane’s voice at some point, and occasionally eats bacon and popcorn together (^_^).

She hopes you enjoy keeping up with her and her unconventional life here at www.emestrife.com. And, even though she’s pals with a bunch of arrogant hotties, cranky grim reapers, and temperamental vampires, she’s still just your average, everyday millennial who needs—no, craves—her daily dose of online communication. So…you know… indulge the poor girl by chatting with her on Facebook, chirping away on Twitter, or just shooting her good old-fashioned email at eme@emestrife.com to talk about whatever :). She’s always eager to hear from you (and she won’t bite…well…most of the time), so don’t be shy. Drop a line!